Pure Sex, Great Sex, Discovering God's Best for Marriage

Meet Author Bette Nordberg

Bette NordbergI began my professional life as a physical tharapist, specializing in rehab medicine. But when chronic illness struck, in 1989, my husband said, "Why don't you become a writer? How hard can it be?"

How little we knew!

My first project, a biography, led to more than six fiction titles. One by one, opportunity led me to non-fiction work as well. Through it all, my passion for the Word of God, and my endless curiosity led me to ask questions no one else seemed to think about. When others wrote Amish romance, I wrote about domestic violence, infidelity and aids. When the book 50 Shades of Gray became a runaway best-seller, I began to ask the question, "Who will speak about God's view of sexuality? I wasn't just worried aobut pre-marital sex, but married sex as well.

Eventually I decided that the job was mine. So I took up my laptop and went to work. And I'm so thrilled with this book! I've taught this study to young women. I've shared it with many older teaching friends, all the while perfecting the content so that it derives the most benefit for the reader!

Let me tell you a bit about me. I married my husband when I was only 20 years old. I didn't have much advice from my mom; I had no real relationships with older women. I had to figure out this marriage thing on my own. I didn't do very well. About fifteen years into our marriage, we managed to drive it onto the rocks. We began counseling, reading, studying and working. Eventually all of that effort plus a major work of the Holy Spirit saved our family. Today, after 38 years, we enjoy a relationship I didn't ever think possible. We have four wonderful kids (two dentists, a nurse and a teacher) a son-in-law and two wonderful grandkids. (I'll spare you the pictures!) Life is very different today from what we experienced in those "old" days.

I've poured all that hard-earned understanding and tons of research onto the pages of this book. I promise you, whether you are enjoying a great marriage, or you are struggling, there is something here for you. Whether you've just said, "I do," or you are years down that road, there is always much to learn. You have more power to shape your marriage than you think you do. And because marriage is so close to our Daddy God's heart, He wants to help you make great progress.

If you'd like to know, chapter by chapter, what this book includes, you can find that here. If you'd like to read the introduction, you can read that here. I don't tweet; however, I've been blogging my way through the Bible for years (with an occasional off-topic subject). If you're interested in my writing style and passions, you can read my blog here.

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